Iraq buys GPS scramblers from Russia

WorldNetDaily: Iraq buys GPS scramblers from Russia

This is one of those headlines that sounds a lot more frightening than it is. GPS is used for fine tuning weapons. They aren’t going to start going wild because of jammers.

If you drop a JDAM and it can’t aquire the network, all that happens is that it shuts of the JDAM guidance and becomes a dumb bomb, which isn’t that bad. We were using Tomahawk cruise missiles long before GPS was complete. It has one of the best dead-reconing systems in the world. The GPS is just used to double check that.

We’ve known that GPS is jammable for a while, and it doesn’t even take a lot of strength to overpower a satelite signal. This is a bad thing for Iraq (and marginal for Hussain), because there is a simple military solution. If you can’t do the job with a few smart bombs, then you drop a shitload of dumb bombs. It is the difference between the bombings of Panama City and Dresden.

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