Muslim stops synagogue torching

NY Daily News – front – Muslim stops synagogue torching

A man bites dog story. The sad thing is that it was newsworthy that the clerk who called in this attempted act of terrorism was a muslim. If a Christian called in a tip on an abortion clinic bomber, that wouldn’t be newsworthy. Unfortunately, the Arab community’s support of terrorism is so prevalent that when a Muslim breaks ranks and acts nobly, it is a news story.

The unkindest cut to the clerk is that the excuses continue:

“It’s not about religion,” Popinara said of yesterday’s incident at the synagogue. “He just flipped.”

You know, if I — a white guy — flipped out, and I decided that the place I was going to go ape at was the Martin Luther King day parade, and I decided that my target would be the NAACP float, would anyone have the gall to say it wasn’t about race?

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