Poll: Americans Wary of Tax Cuts, War

Poll: Americans Wary of Tax Cuts, War

Nearly two-thirds of respondents in an Associated Press poll said they believe it’s prudent to hold off on more tax cuts.

So? About 35% of the US population doesn’t pay ANY federal income tax. How much of this 2/3 is that 35%? (Hint: I bet it is real close to 50%.) It gets better; this is the first person quoted:

Those anxieties were voiced by Joanne Arriola, a 62-year-old retiree from a utility company in Butte, Mont. She’s seen her retirement fund reduced sharply by the troubled economy and worries about the effects of a war in Iraq, and is convinced that war will return to America.

Do you see the good part? 62 year old retiree? Her days of paying income taxes are over. “Well, Phelps, I see that your income tax rate has now been pegged at 0% for the rest of your life. What rate do you think everyone else should pay?” “I think they should pay until they bleed from the eyes, Chuck. And don’t touch my Social Security.”

It is real simple. Take everyone that doesn’t pay any net income taxes, and revoke thier franchise. You want your EIC and welfare? Take it, and hand over your vote.

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