U.N.: Congolese Rebels Practicing Cannibalism

U.N.: Congolese Rebels Practicing Cannibalism

Just when you thought that those wacky African rebels couldn’t get any worse, what with the lopping off arms and the raping and the pilliaging, they raise the bar just a little bit.

The two rebel factions often hire Pygmies to hunt food for them in the forests as they concentrate on fighting to oust the rival rebel Congolese Rally for Democracy-Liberation, or RCD-ML, from mineral-rich areas of Ituri province, a U.N. official familiar with the probe said.

If the expert hunters return empty-handed, rebel troops kill and eat them, the official said.

You know, I can’t figure out if this is supposed to be some kind of punishment, or if they just don’t feel like waiting another day to get something to eat.
“We hear reports of MLC and RCD-N commanders feeding on sexual organs of Pygmies, apparently believing this would give them strength,” Alimasi said by telephone from Kinshasa. “We also have reports of Pygmies being forced to feed on cooked remains of their colleagues.”
Just damn. They are now officially as evil as Eric Cartman.

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