Was United Flight 93 shot down on Sept. 11?

WorldNetDaily: Was United Flight 93 shot down on Sept. 11?

I had almost given up the idea that Flight 93 was shot down, but this revives my doubt. It wouldn’t surprise me; the government has a history of covering up any sort of terrorist act, so the next step would be to try to distance themselves from any indication that they had to make a tough decision. This way, the decision was made by the victims themselves, and no one can question thier judgement in death.

The history is long:

  • The OKC bombing
  • The first WTC bombing
  • Flight 800 being shot down with a missile
  • The 9/11/01 attacks
  • The shoe-bombed Airbus over Queens
  • The Israeli plane bombing that was blamed on a Ukranian missile test
How many other attacks and attempted attacks have there been that we simply are not being allowed to know about?

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