When silence is not golden

ArabNews: When silence is not golden

We got a bumper crop today! Let’s dissect this little gem.

There is no longer any serious doubt anywhere that the events of Sept. 11 created a new world order. And in that new order there is no doubt at all that there is now only one superpower: The United States. At present the superpower is behaving like the proverbial bull in a china shop. It is not yet breaking but it is certainly threatening, accusing and blackmailing. It is committing acts that would cause America’s legendary Founding Fathers to turn in their graves if they knew.

Jefferson and Adams and Smith spinning! I bet this next part is about the Ministry of Homeland Security and inane airport security and domestic spying, I betcha!

Far too much American anger, wrath and simple belligerence has been directed against the Muslim world. America, it seems, has to have an enemy and in the absence of “godless communism,” their war on terror is viewed by many as a “war on Islam.” The evil done by a few Muslims has been expanded in the American media to include all Muslims. Nobody denies that America — or any other country — has the right to defend itself against terror. Nobody denies that America — or any other country — has the right and the obligation to safeguard the lives and property of its citizens. At the same time, America — and every other country — should realize that we Muslims too oppose terror. We too have suffered because of terror. America is not the exclusive victim of terror though it likes to think it is and to use that to justify many of its actions. The demonization of Muslims and the deliberate attacks on Islam by no less a person than US Attorney General John Ashcroft leave us sadly shocked and disappointed.

Yeah, that Ashcroft is… erugh? Islam has given the world 40 years of terrorism, and now we are bad for wanting Islam to clean up its own problems? You don’t hear about Hindu terrorists. There aren’t any Buhddist terrorists. You got a few hundred Catholic terrorists in Ireland. You got a few dozen Christian terrorists hanging out around abortion clinics. And you have tens of thousands (if you don’t get into the millions in the African Civil wars) of Muslim terrorists, centered in nearly every Muslim country. It’s a little disproportionate there.

The cartoons ridiculing our Holy Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, are justified by officials and the media who say — predictably — the press is free. Well, the press should be free but if it is, where are the cartoons, articles and TV shows presenting Arab or Palestinian opinions and views?

See below. MEMRI cataloged a whole bunch of them.

As we look back at the year, we see that the attacks upon us have taken on a new and sinister dimension. Libelous and poisonous, the attacks have been both created and circulated by a powerful Zionist-backed lobby and its close allies. Against the background of sustained malicious attacks and allegations that distort, deal in half-truths, play to prejudices and simply lie, what can we do? What should we do? That may be a matter of debate but one thing is sure: We cannot, indeed we must not remain idle.

You know, the old Arab line of blaming everything on the Zionists is the same as the old cracker blaming all the world’s problems on the Niggers. They are both mythical creatures. Like Chris Rock said, “Space shuttle blew up? It’s those damned niggers!”

It’s kinda funny to hear complaints about “zionist half-truths” when you have major Muslim countries broadcasting 30 hour miniserieses on complete lies like “The Protocals of the Elders of Zion.”

The time has come for us to look more closely at ourselves, to look honestly and analytically and to admit whatever we see — which will in many cases be painful to us. Once we have seen and admitted what is wrong, then comes the time for action. No self-indulgent pity, no claims that we are misunderstood and victimized, no turning away from the truth. A vital part of the success of this process depends upon our boldness in speaking out and challenging those who present and advocate ideas dressed in traditional language but which in fact too often run contrary to the best Islamic ideals of justice, fair play and tolerance. And a part of this tolerance will have to be — in the 21st century where we find ourselves — global cooperation. We are not an island, marooned and isolated; we are a part of the world and we must play our part in it. In order to do so, our children must be given a world-class education designed to produce caring, responsible and mature citizens, capable of making judgments, expressing logical opinions and demanding good governance.

Hey, guys, here’s the main problem that Islam has. Your image has been highjacked by guys who fly planes into buildings. I don’t think education is the answer, since education in Arabia seems to lead people to fly planes into buildings.

This is the big lie about terrorism. It isn’t the poor and dejected that are carrying out the terrorism. It is the educated children of wealth who are committing these acts. Poor people are too hungry to travel halfway around the world to kill people.

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