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Al Qaeda’s Fantasy Ideology

Al Qaeda’s Fantasy Ideology

I don’t use profound often. This essay delineates many of the things that my intution was hinting at but was unable to provide form for. The idea of Islamisicim spreading like a virus was particularly on point to me. It resonates with the idea that this is a dangerous meme slowly working through society. Terrorism is the plaything of the educated idle, as the profiles of the archetypical terrorist shows.

Swimming requirement kept for police recruits

This amused me.

Poverty in the nation

Poverty in the nation — The Washington Times

It is a bitter pill to swallow sometimes: We are the sum of our choices. Every choice you make has consequences. Sometimes, the consequence is that you fail. We need to let more people fail miserably, and stop crushing them with thousands of tiny failures that are swept away.


Fact checkers must be overworked. Take a look at this tidbit:

The Nobel Peace Prize winner, and the only US president since 1945 never to order American soldiers into war,

I guess sending Delta Force out to Desert One with orders to invade Tehran and kill Iranian guards doesn’t count as ordering soldiers into war.


TWA 800: Who knew what, when

WorldNetDaily: TWA 800: Who knew what, when

TWA 800 is the case that can break out the government policy of covering up terrorism into the open. We cannot continue the policy of widespread lying to the public for “its own good” (and this is more pervasive than just the NTSB) if we want to keep any hope of being a free republic.

Arab Slavery

Arab Slavery

Keep this in mind the next time someone decides to bring up Jim Crow or Aparthied when talking about the Israelis.

American Conservatism

An excellent essay on the difference between libertarians and conservatives. Now we just need an article to explain the differences between dove libertarians and hawk libertarians.

He named “Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll” as our banner. He forgot guns. It isn’t a holy trinity; they are the cardinal principles.