Bonus-check blues

WorldNetDaily: Bonus-check blues

Neal Boortz is one of the best radio personalities on the air right now. His WorldNetDaily column is a welcome addition to the blogosphere (complimenting his daily program notes) and worth catching every week. A tidbit from this week’s:

If you approach almost any salaried American on any given April 15 to ask them how much money they make every pay period, if they tell you anything at all, they will tell you what they “take home,” not what they actually earn. Ask them what the gross amount of their typical paycheck is and you will see a face normally reserved for brook trout. They don’t know. They only know what they “take home.” When the check comes, there are no surprises. Every penny of the take-home pay was there, and the rest had been forgotten long before.


  1. Dana Longest says:

    what is the everlasting check?

  2. Phelp says:

    Five bucks, just like in town.