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This one is important for the quote at the last:

“I understand why people don’t like to commit the military to action,” Bush said. “I can understand that. I’m the person in this country that hugs the mothers and the widows if their son or husband dies. I know people would like to avoid armed conflict, and so would I.

“But the risks of doing nothing far outweigh the risks of whatever it takes to disarm Saddam Hussein,” [Bush] said.

From the Horse’s Mouth

From the Horse’s Mouth

So much for the continent’s high moral ground. Hamza sums it up well:

Saddam’s policy of squandering Iraq’s resources by paying outrageous prices to friendly states seems to be paying off. The irresponsibility and lack of morality these states are displaying in trying to keep the world’s worst butcher in power is perhaps indicative of a new world order. It is a world of winks and nods to emerging rogue states–for a price. It remains for the U.S. and its allies to institute an opposing order in which no price is high enough for dictators like Saddam to thrive.


Retrofitted ambulance will help medical staff handle extremely obese

C’mon. When you don’t fit in an ambulance, that should be terminal. 1,000 pounds? A winch? This is the best part:

The new ambulance will be more comfortable for heavy patients and will help preserve their dignity, Bell said.
Hey, Joe! Bring in the fat-ass ambulance! You know, the one with the winch!

Yeah. Real dignified.

Ambulance company officials expect to use the unit at least twice a week.
Dr. Keith Bachman, an internist at Kaiser Permanente and an expert on obesity, said Kaiser Sunnyside Medical Center recently began an initiative to make the hospital “obesity friendly.” Kaiser is putting fans in rooms of patients who are extremely heavy and is using special sheets to wick perspiration from their bodies. Special beds with inflatable cells are available at Kaiser for the extremely obese.
You know where I want to go? I want to go to the obese hostile hospital. I want to go to a hospital that paints pictures of pastries on the wall to taunt people. You can get to 400 lbs through depression and glandular problems. You don’t get past 500 without being a disgusting tub.

Trial Set in ‘Racist Rhyme’ Lawsuit

Yahoo! News – Trial Set in ‘Racist Rhyme’ Lawsuit

When I heard about this the first time, I thought, “Man, payoff for these two.” Now I am not so sure. Southwest stewardesses crack jokes. It is part of the airline. Reading the racist version into it is a leap that I’m not willing to make when I have the whole story.

It would have been funny if it had been the old version, though.

Teenager busted for marijuana gets 26-year sentence

Teenager busted for marijuana gets 26-year sentence

Absurd. There is no other explaination for this but “drug war” propoganda warping the minds of potential jurors.

30 naked women lay down in the snow in Central Park forming the words ‘No Bush’

VodkaPundit – Funny