Air Force tests MOAB monster bomb

Jeremiah 48:14-19

Do you remember that boast of yours, “We are heros, mighty men of war”? But now Moab is to be destroyed, her destroyer is on the way; her choicest youth are doomed to slaughter, says the King, the Lord of Hosts. Calamity is coming fast to Moab.

O friends of Moab, weep for her and cry! See how the strong the beautiful is shattered! Come down from your glory and sit in the dust, O people of Dibon, for those destroying Moab shall shatter Dibon too, and tear down all her towers. Those in Aroer stand anxiously beside the read to watch, and shout to those who flee Moab, “What has happened there?”

Jeremiah 48:25-28
The strength of Moab is ended — her horns are cut off; her arms are broken. Let her stagger and fall like a drunkard, for she has rebelled against the Lord. Moab shall wallow in her vomit, scorned by all. For you scorned Israel and robbed her, and were happy at her fall.

O people of Moab, flee from your cities and live in the caves like doves that nest in the clefts and rocks.

Biblical Moab was a land east of Israel comprising part of modern day Jordan and western Iraq.

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