Reward our allies, but treat disagreement with respect

Reward our allies, but treat disagreement with respect

I think that this would indeed be the best route.

How should the United States deal with those nations that made the Security Council irrelevant?

Neither with anger nor with petulance. Forget about our sacrifices in freeing France, Germany and Russia from Hitlerism and Stalinism; remembrance has no place in their diplomacy.

Set aside personal economic retaliation: no switching from French to Spanish wine, from Russian to Polish vodka, from German to Italian designers.

Instead, President Bush should reward those countries whose leaders stand with us in stopping the spread of 21st-century terror.

I will indeed by boycotting French products, because I have never been overly fond of the French culture, and because the French actions do indeed have popular support. I also hope that the socialism of that country will colapse with a little economic damage. In other words, I switched from Perrier to Pellegrino.

I like the idea of saying, “Sure, I’ll keep going like we have been, but you won’t get anything more. I’m saving that stuff for my real buddies.”

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