Some British “human Shields” Flee Iraq, Cite Safety Fears

Some British “human Shields” Flee Iraq, Cite Safety Fears – from Tampa Bay Online

Schadenfreude is glorious. I can imagine no more humiliating an experience. Of course, since the entire endeavour was an exercise in hypocrisy, I can’t imagine that it bothers them too much.

I was encouraged by this bit:

Maria Ermanno, chairwoman of the Swedish Peace and Arbitration Society, cited reports that Iraqi officials were arranging transportation, accommodations and news conferences for the human shields.

“To go down to Iraq and live and act there on the regime’s expense, then you’re supporting a terrible dictator. I think that method is entirely wrong,” Ermanno told Swedish Radio.

I have been looking for a while to see peace activists who really advocate peace rather than Anti-Americanism; this is the first one that I have seen.

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