Arabs Appalled by U.S. Troops in Baghdad

Arabs Appalled by U.S. Troops in Baghdad

This article made me feel bad. It disturbs me that the Arab street is so out of touch with reality. There is so much misplaced and twisted pride in these statements.

“How can we know this is for real and not just coalition propaganda?” the 30-year-old said. “We had hoped Saddam would inflict as many casualties on the invaders as possible to teach them a lesson and make them think twice before striking another Arab country.”
Iraq failed to put up a punishing defense, but that doesn’t mean that we see this as a reason to start invading Arab countries. I think it says a lot about the cultural gap that I never even thought of it in this light. I assumed that attack is always a last resort, and assumed they would see it the same.
“As Arabs, we cannot see this and not move,” said a man in his early 30s who would not give his name for fear of government retribution. “We are selling ourselves for a higher cost, for God, not for Saddam.”
This is another one that I have a hard time with. This statement seems to presuppose that God wants Saddam in charge, and that he wouldn’t choose to send the Americans to do His will. It never seems to occur to them that God would use a non-Muslim to work His will.
In Lebanon, most citizens stayed close to their TV sets or radios to follow the news. Many refused to believe the reports, opting instead for Iraqi Information Minister Mohammed Saeed al-Sahhaf’s version of events, in which he denied that Americans had entered the capital.

“Sahhaf said they were not yet in Baghdad, didn’t you hear him?” said Hisham Moniyyeh, 27, who runs a currency exchange shop in the southern port city of Sidon. “The Americans have been lying a lot since the beginning of this campaign so I don’t believe them.”

Now this guy is truly stupid. There is no way anyone can believe this guy. He is the Black Knight from The Quest for the Holy Grail. “It’s only a flesh wound!”
Merhej Shamma, a 39-year-old Lebanese architect, was shocked at how easy it has been for the Americans to enter Baghdad. “I thought some of the fiercest fighting was supposed to take place in Baghdad. Where are the Republican Guards?” he asked.

“I hope they are preparing for a counter attack that would turn the tables once again,” he said.

Keep hoping, Merhej. Better yet, hope that the Iraqi people don’t waste the opportunity fate has handed them.

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