Broken Watch is Right Twice in One Day

Broken Watch is Right Twice in One Day

For once, I agree with Peter Arnett. I have been thinking about what is going on with the “bombing of Saddam”, and I have what I think is a plausible explaination. Assume that Saddam is indeed still alive and this wasn’t directed at another leader. Assume that we had valid intel that pointed to Saddam getting ready to go to this restruant.

One of our over-arching goals is to take Baghdad as intact as possible. We know that when we corner Saddam, there is going to be a fierce fight, and it may even be a suicidal one where WMDs are involved. What we need to do is flush him out of Baghdad.

If we know that he is about to move, then we can use that to our advantage. Drop a bomb right before he gets there. You know what I would do if I was in that situation? I’d get the fuck out of dodge. The rumor was that he was about to flee to Tikrit; I think this might have been intended as a little shove to get him moving.

If it was our intent, we might have been a little more effective than we anticipated. There is an AP wire saying he is at the Russian embassy, but the Russians are denying it.

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