David Horowitz: Everything the Left Said About the War Is Wrong

An outstanding essay. It centers on Arianna Huffington, but she is a good archetype for the anti-freedom types who opposed the war. He takes her down, step by step. This is my favorite part:

America’s domestic critics have not even begun to confront the problems this reality creates. On the contrary, they have compounded them. The following comment by Huffington could have been written for Al Quds: “”[The war] in no way proves that running roughshod over international law and pouring Iraqi oil – now brought to you by the good folks at Halliburton – onto the flames of anti-American hatred was a good idea– The idea that our slamdunk of Saddam actually proves the White House was right is particularly dangerous because it encourages the Wolfowitzes and the Perles and the Cheneys to argue that we should be invading Syria or Iran or North Korea or Cuba as soon as we catch our breath. They’ve tasted blood.”

In other words, the culprits are two bloodthirsty Jews and an oilman. Huffington may not have fully intended this conclusion, but as written here this is sick stuff. It is also common parlance on the left. In fact, given the result of the war, Paul Wolfowitz and Richard Perle – to single out the Jews – are more properly seen as moral heroes than as military predators. They have spent twenty-years toiling in the Defense and Foreign Policy communities to effect the liberation of millions of Shi’ites, who were systematically murdered and oppressed by Saddam’s regime, knowing full well that these very Shi’ites hate them as Jews and would persecute and oppress them if they could. Yet Wolfowitz and Perle persisted in their efforts because they thought it was the right thing to do for America, and the right thing to do for the Iraqis as well.

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