Defeats dismay Arab media

Defeats dismay Arab media

We are back to the “Are the Arabs really this stupid” question again. This one is great:

Arab satellite news channels, broadcasting footage of advances by coalition forces on Baghdad, are beginning to question whether Saddam Hussein has put up a proper fight against the allied advances.

Because he is dead?

Throughout the Arab world there is a mood of disappointment. The initial resistance by Saddam’s forces raised expectations that he would put up a tougher fight around the capital.

“Why is he letting the Arabs down now,” a Lebanese caller asked a phone-in programme, “when his forces fought so bravely in the south of the country?”

I bet it has something to do with him being dead.

“Why didn’t Saddam order all the bridges to be blown up along the route to the capital?” another studio guest wondered.

What is, “Saddam is dead”. Alex?

Several Arab newspapers highlight the discrepancy between Iraq’s assessment of the war and that of the coalition forces. “The information war is intensifying,” said al-Sharq in Qatar. In Jordan, al-Rai asked “where the real truth lies amid the confusion and contradiction of the news reports?” Nevertheless, on its front page the paper’s main headline read: “Iraq retakes Saddam airport.”

The Lebanese daily al-Nahar went one better, saying that “Saddam led the attack to retake the airport”, while Akhbar al-Khaleej in Bahrain said: “We have wiped out the invading forces at the airport.”

And “at least someone thinks they are that stupid” pulls ahead by a nose.

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