Vignettes of Liberation

ArabNews: Exclusive: Vignettes of Liberation

There is no way we can forget that little child whose skull was ripped open. He lies on the ground serene in death while the upper part of his skull is open as if the explosion had occurred inside his brain. He is safe from explosions now; yet a nation suffers the legacy. He joins Mohammad Al-Durra, the other Arab child, who was similarly slaughtered by the same arms and the same manufacturers on the streets of Palestine hiding behind his father for protection.

He may be more right than he knows; the majority of the children I have heard about being killed in Iraq have been killed by Iraqis, the same way the evidence points to Al-Durra was killed by other Arabs, and not the hated infidels.

A photo of elderly women, clad in their abaya or chador, spreading their hands and being frisked by a female US Marine, made the front page of every newspaper in the Arab world on Sunday. This is an image more devastating to an Arab than a corpse mutilated by merciless bombs. The dead are safe from further humiliation, but to handle our chador-clad women in view of the world is nothing short of outrageous. The only thing that was enslaved by the liberators in that scene was the dignity and humanity of these women. These women are our archetypal mothers.

These women are the same ones who Saddam’s men are sending to die in horror as unwilling suicide bombers while they are fat with unborn children. So you still want to talk about slavery?

Prisoners, very much according to the Geneva Convention I’m sure, were stripped in front of the cameras. They were handled with the utmost disregard to their dignity and their humanity. Any old sack lying about would do as a hood. The plastic that is used to tie their hands is of the most durable industrial type produced by the factories of Pennsylvania. The US cried foul when they thought their prisoners were mistreated, but nothing was heard from them or their media about such scenes played endlessly on screens across the world. The millions in the Arab world watching this do not need pundits to explain anything. The pictures are worth the volumes of all human learning.

The bags are military issue sandbags, first. Second, there is a difference between someone being shackled with plastic ties and a wounded man being interrogated rather than treated. All wounded Iraqi POWs are being treated. The Iraqis left our POW on the table in pain.

Well-dressed politicians in London and Washington can try as hard as they want to convince us that it is all for our own good.

You are a fool. It is not for your good, Saudi. It is to your detriment. It is for the good of the Iraqis you would rather have suffer under a madman than live free.

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