Jordan Says Abbas Must ‘Wage a War’ on Hamas

Jordan Says Abbas Must ‘Wage a War’ on Hamas

Abu Mazen should listen to Jordan — they had a PLO problem once. They don’t anymore. (For further reading look up Black September.)

“It’s very important to give the new prime minister the support that he requires in order to fight terrorism. He needs to wage a war within against Hamas and against Jihad al-Islami (Islamic Jihad),” said Jordanian ambassador Karim Kawar.

Kawar, speaking at the Israel Policy Forum, said Abbas could succeed against the militants only if Israel enhances his credibility by making gestures to the Palestinians.

This one is a no brainer, really. Israel has never been very reluctant to make concessions. Look at Sadat and Egypt — if you agree to the basic principles, Israel will work with you. In the end, there really can’t be a better ally in the Middle East for a secular government. Egypt has done well with peace with Israel. They got back the land that they wanted (Gaza tends to be more trouble than it is worth) and they have gotten tons of aid from America for it.

The Jordanian ambassador said a “power struggle” between the authority and the militants was inevitable and Palestinians must recognize Abbas as sole leader.

In other words, remember Black September.

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