The bipolar nature of Middle-East diplomacy

A very good concise essay on why the so-called Roadmap to Peace in the Middle East is doomed to failure, just like Oslo. It boils down to a few points:

  1. There can be no peace between Israelis and Palestinians without the elimination of fanatical anti-Semitism in the Arab world.
  2. There can be no peace between Arabs and Israelis without a fundamental re-orientation of the Palestinian people toward acceptance of the Jewish people’s historical and spiritual ties to the land.
  3. There can be no peace without a Palestinian disavowal of the right of return.
  4. There can be no peace in the Middle East without the death of Yasser Arafat.
You don’t have to agree that this is the way that it should be; you just need to recognize that this is how it is.

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