U.S. sees proof of biolab

U.S. sees proof of biolab — The Washington Times

Hawks: 4
Doves: 0

First, the doves said that Saddam had no connection with terrorism. Now we have the Palestinian terror groups complaining that they aren’t receiving millions of dollars from Iraq. We have documents linking Iraqi intelligence to Osama bin Laden. We have an aircraft mock-up designed to train terrorists for hijackings. We have terrorist leaders being killed in Iraq. We have piles and piles of evidence connecting Saddam to international terror.

The second thing that that doves claimed was that Saddam was complying with the UN Sanctions. He blew that assertion out of the water on the first night of the shooting war. The sanctions and the cease-fire required him to give up all missiles with a range greater than about 90 miles. Every SCUD variant he fired at Kuwait violated that requirement, and he proved it night after night.

The third thing they told us was that the war was going to be a Vietnam Quagmire and there were going to be thousands of American deaths and millions of Iraqi civilian deaths. Didn’t happen. What is really irking is the people (the Libertarian Party included, which I am disgusted to be a member of) who claimed that it wasn’t worth a single American life to free millions of Iraqis. I haven’t seen any interviews with a soldier over there who makes that racist claim.

The final thing the doves told us is that Saddam never even had WMDs. Setting aside his own admissions and the UN assertions that this wasn’t true, we now have a smoking gun:

The mobile lab was found April 19 at a checkpoint that had been manned by Kurdish forces near the town of Tall Kayf, in northern Iraq. It had been in a convoy of military vehicles and was painted in military olive colors.

Inside the truck, officials found a fermenter, gas cylinders to supply clean air for production, and a system to filter exhaust gas and “eliminate any signature of production,” Mr. Cambone said.

“The fermenters are used for growing cultures,” he said. “And the recovery systems make air filtration unnecessary … and prevent the release of signs indicating the fermentation process.” He said that the gas recovery system is not used for any commercial biological purpose.

A detailed description of the truck was given by Mr. Powell during an intelligence briefing on Iraq’s weapons programs in February before the U.N. Security Council.

If I was the president, I would put this truck on a cargo plane, fly it to New York, and park it right in front of the UN building with a cordon of Ranger guards. And unlike the National Guard at half the airports, the Ranger’s weapons would be locked and loaded.

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