Video games boost visual skills

Video games boost visual skills

The general principle isn’t that arcane; the correlation was noted after Desert Storm in that the pilots who grew up on Defender and Centepede were much better at handling smart weapons than the ones who just had baseball and golf. Now, they are getting hard evidence of how video game training effects the way the mind forms:

Male undergraduates who played driving or shoot-em-up games such as Grand Theft Auto and Medal of Honor several times a week for at least six months beat non-gamers in lab vision tests, found Shawn Green and Daphne Bavelier of the University of Rochester in New York state.

Game-players react to fast-moving objects more efficiently, explains Bavelier, and can track up to five objects at a time – 30% more than non-players. “They can process more information more quickly over time,” she says.

GTA3 and Vice City are my two favorite games, especially Vice City. I also enjoy MoH, but it didn’t hold my attention like the GTA franchise.

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