Would you like double grease with that?

Would you like double grease with that?

“While some see them as the crazy ones, we see genius.”

Sodolak makes his chicken-fried bacon by double-dipping uncooked bacon strips in milk and flour. Then he tosses the breaded strips in a Fryolator and nukes them in animal/vegetable oil for three or four minutes.

For that final touch, the chicken-fried bacon is served with a bowl of cream gravy.

Actually, it tastes pretty good. “It’s crisp, flaky, has a distinct bacon flavor,” said American-Statesman food editor Kitty Crider, who sampled part of a to-go order. The stuff travels well in the car. Hey. What’s to go bad?

This place is too far for me to drive, and it really isn’t on the way to Houston or Austin from Dallas. If I am ever in Bryan, you can bet your ass that I am travelling to Snook to try this stuff.

Until then, I think that I am going to go to the store, buy me a sack of beer batter mix, a batch of Pioneer gravy, and a pound of thick sliced bacon. I’m debating on whether or not it is time to change the grease in the fry-daddy.

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