A liberal’s condescension toward Hispanics slips out

A liberal’s condescension toward Hispanics slips out

In dealing with minorities, liberals have learned to try to keep a lid on their condescension. But sometimes it slips out.It slipped out a few months ago when Democratic presidential hopeful Joe Lieberman, during an appearance on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” took the liberty of crediting affirmative action for putting the highly capable Condoleezza Rice — the first African-American woman to serve as national security adviser — “where she is today.”

And it slipped out again last week when another Democrat seeking the presidential nomination, John Edwards, dismissively boiled down the accomplishments of the highly capable Miguel Estrada, President Bush’s nominee to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit, to his having “the right last name.”

This isn’t one man’s foible. This is the entire basis for affirmative action today.

Affirmative action is based on one giant insult: If you are a minority, you aren’t good enough to acomplish anything on your own. You are too stupid, you’re parents are too irresponsible, and you can’t learn to assimilate into general society. That is what affirmative action says.

This is the natural outgrowth of where Democrats and Republicans differ. Republicans look at individuals. When Bush formed his cabinet, he picked the best people he could find. He ended up a white guy who has a dyke daughter (Cheney), a black killer (Powell), and a black woman from Alabammy (Rice). He even hired a Jew for media relations (Fleicher). You know why? Because they were the best for the job.

On the other hand, look at Clinton’s “Cabinet that Looks Like America”. It was the biggest bunch of race pimps and incompetents around. Why were they hired? Because Democrats know that if they put them in a few token (and I use that term intentionally) spots then he will get a few more votes.

Conservatives and libertarians look at individuals. When you look a the individual, you cannot come to the conclusion that Affirmative Action comes to. “This guy doesn’t make the cut. He’s black? So? Why does it matter that someone else who looks like him doesn’t make the cut either?” When you look at it from the left and socialist view of seeing everyone as part of a group, you get to the Affirmative Action conclusion. “Let’s see, Whitey has a lot of his people here, and we needs some more. Let’s get some Darkies and some Messicans. But not those Yellow bastards. They’ve already got more than their share. Screw them.”

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