Airports Favor Private-Sector Screeners

This one is an easy one to figure out. Airlines are in the business of making money. That means moving passengers and making them happy. Government bureaucracies are in the business of getting bigger budgets. Getting a bigger budget means not meeting your stated goals and blaming it on a lack of funds. These goals are diametrically opposed. You can’t get rid of the airlines, so you get rid of the government screeners.

You don’t think that government has a chilling effect on free speech? You don’t think that you can reach a police state through massive regulation (the M.O. of fascism, by the way:)

Many airports would not say publicly that they want to switch to private contract screeners. But an official of the nation’s largest group representing airport owners said several dozen airports, including major hubs, have expressed an interest.

This is the part that really got my goat:

Peter Winch, national organizer for the American Federation of Government Employees, said privatizing airport security “sends the signal of retreat.”

“It’s the wrong message in the war on terror,” said Winch, whose group is trying to organize TSA screeners. “For TSA, just supervising a bunch of contract operations would lead to different standards at different airports. It would get away from one national security system.”

Gee, isn’t that special. The guy who’s goal is to make a government worker union says that if we get rid of some government jobs, the sky is falling. Well, whoop de freaking do! I think that the fact that this is the best source they can get for that view speaks volumes.

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