Berlusconi slaps down France over Israel trip

Huzzah! I hope this helps Berlusconi get re-elected. Hell, I don’t know enough about Italian civics to know if he was elected in the first place. Anyways:

”They missed a good opportunity to shut up,” Berlusconi told reporters in response to French criticism of his decision not to meet Palestinian leaders during a recent trip to Israel.

French Foreign Minister Dominique de Villepin said this week that Berlusconi had ”not satisfied the European position” by holding talks only with Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon during his June 9 visit to Jerusalem.

”I went (to Israel) as the prime minister of Italy. There’s no way France can issue criticism over something that was the sole right and responsibility of the Italian prime minister,” Berlusconi said, clearly bristling with irritation.

Someone is irritated at the French? That’s unpossible! Maybe this will lead to a war between France and Italy. That would be the biggest slap-fight the world has ever seen. It would be pretty entertaining as long as we can limit it to those two countries. It is hard to tell which direction Germany would go in that one.

More realisticly, this is a symptom of the power struggle that seems to be going on in the EU. I’m hoping that it is the sort of thing that pulls the EU down around Paris’ ears.

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