Business, labor leaders call on Bush to ask GOP to drop recall

Business, labor leaders call on Bush to ask GOP to drop recall

Four Democratic and Republican business leaders and a top organized labor official signed an opinion piece in the Los Angeles Times Sunday asking President Bush to call for an end to the Republican-led campaign to recall Democratic Gov. Gray Davis.

“The president should demand an end to the recall effort because the nation cannot afford to have California’s economy remain stuck in reverse,” the article said.

That is a non sequitur. How does one follow the other?

“Mr. President, California is in a very tough spot. And a tough stand by you against the narrow wing of your party that advocates this recall would demonstrate your respect for California voters — those who cast their ballots for governor just seven months ago,” it concluded. “And by stopping the recall, you would give Californians the opportunity we need to focus our energies on revitalizing our economy — a revitalization that is essential to our national economic recovery.”

This is so disengenous as to be disgusting. I’m not one to preach about “respect for the voters” but I can’t let this one go. I don’t buy into the principle, but if you did, you would have to agree that if you respect the sanctity of the vote, then you have to repect the votes of those who vote for the recall, don’t you? Were they smart seven months ago but morons now? This is such an insult. Gray Davis campaigned on a number of issues, and within a month of gaining office, he reneged on every substantial one. The people of California are right to recall him, and in light of that, I wouldn’t say that they were stupid before or after — they were simply defrauded. (Sure, I would have seen it coming, but I have never claimed to be average.)

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