Causus Belli

Long, and well worth the read. I don’t know how to feel about this impression that I get that the left is losing its best thinkers. That impression is based on seeing more and more people who identify themselves as left disagreeing with the “mainstream” left and agreeing with me (and of course I see myself as correct, or I wouldn’t advocate it, would I?) My wishy-washyness comes from not being sure if I want the left so weakened.

Libertarianism, at its root, is the distrust of pretty much everyone. I want to make everything political hard to do, and part of that is making sure that everyone has someone else who thinks that they are a complete idiot and not only isn’t afraid to tell them, but can convince people that aren’t complete idiots that they may be right. As it stands, it is starting to look like the only people that the left will be able to convince in a while is, well, complete idiots. They are burning all of their credibility while people like Totten (Hat tip to him on this one, by the way) and LaFreniere make rear-guard attempts to bring them to reason. (Well, as close to reason as the left gets.)

The good that I see coming is that the blogosphere is doing a good job of reforming the left and right into Idiotarian and Anti-Idiotarian. Through the harsh light that the blogosphere throws on everything, LGF and Totten are getting closer and closer to each other, and the Freepers and the IdiotMedia types are getting harder and harder to tell apart. As disgusted as I am with the Libertarian Party, maybe it is time for the Anti-Idiotarian Party. It just needs a better name; I hate being Anti- anything. That was the biggest problem with the Reform Party moniker — it embraces a negative.

To quote Sam Elliot, “Aw shucks, I’m rambling again.” Read the article. Here’s a taste.

In a very real sense, even the chaos of the post war period is a “Liberal gift”, self-determination. And that is more precious than any number of lives or any years of deprivation. Or, at least, that is the bedrock principle that the US itself was founded on (give me freedom or give me death).

You can disagree with this argument, but at least, finally, the US appears to be acting in accordance with our principles instead of in spite of them. And if Muslim fanatics retaliate with terrorist attacks upon the US it will be hard to argue that they are not attacking us for our principles and values.

Rich and powerful men in a rich and powerful country might make money off the war? This makes it wrong, right?

Someone always profits from a war, this is history, human nature, and politics. The demand of soldiers for bullets, bread, and uniforms can be nearly infinite. The job of sending our troops abroad and of cleaning up the messes they leave behind can be quite lucrative for related industries. And no doubt someone from one of those industries will have some insider relation to the White House.

So what? In the end I would return to my query… Is it wrong to free the oppressed and hand them their future? In the end this is the only question that matters, not whether you like the man in the White House.

Joe Bob says check it out.

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