Democratic Party — racist?

Larry Elder takes on the DNC’s outrageous stance on layoffs:

Enter Donna Brazile, the black former campaign manager of Al Gore, and the lady who once called the Republican Party “the party of the white boys.” Brazile goes ballistic. “I’m just outraged,” said Brazile. “They started reading me the names and I said, ‘Oh, oh — they’re all black.’ I went through the roof.”So, the DNC, despite its declared financial problems, cannot lay off black workers. Question: Would Ms. Brazile, or, say, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, or anybody else, for that matter, complain if the DNC issued pink slips to white staffers?

Oh, c’mon, Larry, we all know those honkey ofay suckas deserve it.

I covered this one earlier, but Larry Elder does his tradional fine job on the matter. Read on to get to the connection between this and the Uncle Tom accusations lobbed at black Republicans. (And don’t forget that Elder is neither Democrat nor Republican.)

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