Glass For Garofolo

Glass For Garofolo

Damn that internet! All the stupid things that you ever said keep bubbling back up! Just in case you have forgotten:

On March 6, 2003, Bill O’Reilly interviewed actress, comedianne and anti-war activist Janeane Garofalo on the Fox Network show, “The Pulse.” Garofalo made the following statement:

O’Reilly: “If you are wrong, all right, and if the United States — and they will, this is going to happen — goes in, liberates Iraq, people in the street, American flags, hugging our soldiers, all right, we find all kinds of bad, bad stuff, all right, in Iraq, you gonna apologize to George W. Bush?”

Garofalo: “I would be so willing to say I’m sorry, I hope to God that I can be made a buffoon of, that people will say you were wrong, you were a fatalist, and I will go to the White House on my knees on cut glass and say, hey, you were right, I shouldn’t have doubted you. But I think to think that is preposterous.”

Well, it’s been a month or so since we saw our boys go in, liberate Iraq with people in the streets holding American flags, hugging our soldiers and pointing out the rape rooms, mass graves (including one especially for children and thier toys) and mobile biological weapon labs.

I know. She is just waiting for an invitation to the White House. It’s all George’s fault again. Bad George!


  1. Leftist Nut says:

    Since Garofalo’s comment, Bill O’Reilly has now made a complete 180 in regards to his stance on the Iraq war.

    And we’ve re-opened the rape rooms.

  2. Phelps says:

    I don’t care what O’Rielly’s position is, because I don’t base my opinions on what the demagogues on either side say. As for the rape rooms, if you can’t tell the difference between renegade personel humiliating someone and state-sanctioned systematic rape, then… uh… you are probably a leftist.

  3. Leftist Nut says:

    The number of victims at Abu Ghriab makes little difference to the Iraqi people. The moral high ground of the U.S. as a peace-loving, democratic society is shattered. Garofalo said things would go badly in Iraq. And they have. High-ranking members of the GOP leadership have said as much. The war has been poorly handled – the prison scandal is only the latest and worst episode. We can argue all night about the necessity of the war, the need to oust Saddam, the real or imaginary WMD, the alleged ties to terrorism… etc, etc. But this war has been mismanaged, poorly planned, and gone over-budget. That’s hardly at issue any more.

  4. Phelps says:

    “Garofolo said things would go badly.” Hmm. So we’re supposed to listen to… what? The inuendo between what she actually said, and not the words coming out of her mouth? The German occupation went badly, since they aren’t a strong ally now and Nazism is coming back, if you want to play the “wait and see” game. I can see how you come to that conclusion, though, given the left’s reaction of “we want to talk about what we though George Bush said, not the actual words that came out of his mouth.” I’ll stick with the facts, thank you.

    Mismanaged: Saddam overthrown in 60 days, captured within 6 months. Iraqi rebels isolated in small Sunni Triangle in less than a year.

    Poorly Planned: Civil services restored to better-than-invasion standards in less than six months. Transition to Iraqi rule in less than two years.

    Over-budget: Doves promissed Trillions of Dollars and Hundreds of thousands of casualties pre-invasion. I would say that we are well underbudget.

    The number of victims at Abu Ghriab makes little difference to the Iraqi people. The moral high ground of the U.S. as a peace-loving, democratic society is shattered.

    The number of victims makes little difference, because the actual events make little difference. Nothing that has happened even approaches what CNN refused to report on under Saddam’s regime, and no one in the “Arab Street” had anything to say then. That means that this was a case of outrage looking for a reason, rather than “lost goodwill”. As for the Moral High Ground, that goes along with the side of freedom, and we lose that when the “Screw Iraq so we can go back to Screwing America” retakes control.

  5. Leftist Nut says:

    Clever how you work the UNDERBUDGET game. You claim doves said the war would cost “trillions”. This is a classic straw-man argument: take an imaginary extremist, assign quotes and opinions to him and present him as the voice of your entire opposition. “Some Republicans want to execute all poor people.” Maybe a radical few do, but it’s not the majority, and it’s no way representative of the party. But by saying it, it villainizes the right. It’s a cute trick, but the Leftist Nut has seen such tricks before.

    Straw men aside, the war budget presented to THE UNITED STATES CONGRESS has gone over-budget. Billions of dollars over-budget. That’s by the Bush administration’s own figures.

    From there we get mired in syntax. We can’t agree what “mis-managed” or “poorly executed” means. I’ll refer to your right-wing brethren like Max Boot and David Brooks who are finally admitting how badly the administration has blundered the war. This isn’t just your good ol’ pal Leftist Nut talking here. The Republicans in Congress are even getting pissed at the Bush administration for keeping them out of the loop in regards to the Abu Ghraib scandal.

    The scandal, it appears, is getting worse. Reporters for Western papers have been arrested without cause because they had this misfortune of being Arab, and are now reporting on the prison conditions across the nation. Cry “liberal media” if you must, but this is the same media that withheld pictures of flag-draped coffins for a full year, and wouldn’t broadcast Ted Koppel’s reading of the names of the dead US soldiers because it might be interpreted as anti-war.

    As for Garofalo, she said “things in Iraq would go badly.” They have, and that’s not just me talking. That’s Republican members of Congress, the Democrats, some right-leaning columnists, a majority of the world, more than 50% of the American people, and most importantly, 80% of the Iraqi people.

    You say things in Iraq are on schedule and going well, eighty percent of those we were liberating disagree with you. I would save your breath convincing me that the Iraq occupation wasn’t botched by this administration; several million Iraqis think the same way as I do, and they’re shooting at our soldiers. Are 80% of Iraqis idiots? Were they just looking for a reason to shoot at us, and Abu Ghraib gave them that reason? The list of those standing with Garofalo grows.