Iraqi interim official arrested in U.S. crackdown

Iraqi interim official arrested in U.S. crackdown

BAGHDAD, Iraq (CNN) — U.S. troops arrested the interim governor of Najaf on kidnapping and corruption charges Monday as they continued efforts to quell attacks on coalition troops in Iraq.

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Mun’im is accused of kidnapping and holding hostages, pressuring government employees to perform financial crimes, attacking a bank official and stealing funds, the statement said. Details of the charges were not released.

He was arrested at the request of Iraqi court officials in Najaf, south of Baghdad, and will be tried under Iraqi law, according to the coalition provisional authority.

I’m not sure what exactly to think of this. I like that we are letting the Iraqis run their own country, but I am concerned about how he will be processed. If he is tried under strict Shariah I think that is a step backwards. If he is given a secular (and open) trial then I think that this is a very good sign. There is one encouraging thing:
“They have been investigating these allegations for some time before concluding that there is sufficient evidence to warrant arrest,” the authority’s statement said.
I hope that a fair, honest and open trial happens. That is the sort of thing Iraqis need to see to convince them that freedom is attainable.

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