Left Lane Laggards, please do right thing

Left Lane Laggards, please do right thing

The National Motorists Association, the Wisconsin-based organization credited with the lobbying effort that ended the national 55 mph freeway speed limit, has designated June as “Lane Courtesy Month.” I usually ignore such designations, but this one has merit, even as June fades into July.

How about a little lane courtesy for a change?

Lane courtesy, also known as lane discipline, had its American roots in the days when roads were almost all two lanes and curvy, and passing was difficult to impossible. In those days, motorists cared enough about their fellow man to recognize that some folks might be able to safely travel a little faster. They’d pull off to the side and let others pass.

This is a pet peeve of mine. I don’t drive as fast as I used to. At one time, I was usually the fastest on the road. I’m not anymore, but I am faster than a lot of assholes in the left lane. When I am there and someone comes up behind me, I pull over. That is how it is supposed to work.

I hate being passed on the right. It isn’t safe. The reason that the Autobahn is as safe as it is is because Germans follow this ideal, with the “Drive Right” habit. America would be a much safer place if people would do this.

As for the idiots who think, “I’m not getting over just so a bunch of law-breaking speeders can go on,” remember that you are breaking the law too. (Unless you live in South Dakota.) If speeders are scum, staying in the left lane makes you scum too. Remember, speed doesn’t kill — sudden stops kill.

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