Michael J. Totten: Revolutions Real and Imagined

This is important, people. It is important for people who are worried about the safety of America: Iran is part of the Axis of Evil for good cause, and if it becomes a democracy, remember that democracies don’t go to war with each other. It is important for the safety of anyone who isn’t a hard-line Muslim, because you are the infidels and the back-sliders that they want to shackle or kill. If is important for anyone who loves freedom, because I cannot be free unless they are free.

Totten catalogs some of the lapses in the left media in covering this. As he notes, you have to go to the right side of the aisle to find anyone who wants to talk about that, and this is symptomatic of the malaise that is infesting the left.

Liberal hawks like myself, Meryl Yourish, and Jeff Jarvis pay rapt attention.

But the anti-war liberals aren’t interested in the slightest. A revolution against tyranny is boring. They would rather discuss Howard Dean.

The radical left is another matter entirely. This is the crowd that says America is a fascist police state. The last thing they want to discover is that a real fascist police state exists in Iran.

Every Friday at 5:00 p.m. the Jackass Contingent marches in front of my building. They bang on drums and shriek against a war that’s already over. They say dissent has been crushed, but the only thing that’s crushed is the size of their rally. Look how brave and heroic I am, they proclaim. You idiots are wasting your lives in office towers while I’m taking on a dictatorship!

But they aren’t taking on a dictatorship. They are wallowing in fantasy. If they pay any attention at all to Iran they’ll see what dictatorship looks like. They’ll see young people who really are brave in dissent, and who really are engaged in revolutionary activity. And they would look at themselves in the mirror and know they are frauds.

I feel sorry for them. I do. They live in the wrong country, and in the wrong time. They want to take a stand. They want to fight power. But there is no power to fight. America is a liberal democracy, the very sort of thing Iranians die for.

So they dream up a fight in their heads. “Welcome to Nazi Germany” is what someone scrawled on the side of my building.

The real Nazis are elsewhere. And they are fighting for their lives.

Also, image of the day (warning: immolation photo) notes the situation in France and the disconnect they have (and that we share in some part) when it comes to Middle Eastern political groups:
On Tuesday, France decided to crack down on the People’s Mujahedeen of Iran, otherwise known as the Mujahedeen Khalq. This organization is listed as a terrorist organization by both the US and the EU.

Maybe they are. I don’t know. I do know that they say the Iranian government has killed 120,000 of them since 1979.

On Wednesday, this man and a few others in Paris and across Europe set themselves afire to protest the French crackdown. One woman died from her burns.

The crackdown happens at a very key point in history. Iranian students are protesting nightly in every Iranian city. The rule of the Mullahs there appears to be near an end in what may, with the greatest of hope, be a bloodless revolution.

The crackdown is seen as the French taking sides with the Mullahs.

Also on Tuesday, French foreign minister de Villepin said that the EU should not list Hamas as a terrorist organization.

It seems obvious that if you light yourself on fire, you are a Ghandi-like protester; if you light yourself on fire and in the process intentionally light others on fire, you are a terrorist. This simple math seems too difficult for French politicians, and their country will suffer for it.

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