Senate holds final meeting

I was tipped to this one by the Best of the Web, because of the mural stuff at the end, but the whole thing is a hoot.

The anger expressed by a number of students at the meeting stemmed from the allocation and subsequent de-allocation of funds for a safe house on campus for women of color and for non-UCR affiliated security guards.

“Shame on you, whoever requested that they de-allocate this money,” said an angry student addressing the senate. “I’ve never seen any of you do anything for the community. I’m really pissed off.”

You didn’t get the money. It never was your money. Walk it off, bitch!

One student organization, Que onda Queers, requested $12,000 for safety devices, including cameras, camcorders, tapes, tape recorders and security to prevent physical retaliation.

Okay, I’ll admit it. I was certain this was a hoax when I read that there was an club called Que onda Queers. A quick google search dissuaded me. **sigh**

“On the real, I am very interested in funding this,” said senator Ivory Parnell. “But considering there are only $10,000 in the fiscal budget, and the total request is over $27,000. What can we do?”

(That second line isn’t an actual sentence, but someone forgot to add [sic] when they typed it up. I hope.) You do what you just did. Deny the request. They want $27K worth of toys. Who cares? People in Hell want ice water.

In an attempt to find some way to allocate the money, senators suggested tapping other resources.

“Aren’t there other funds to be used?” asked senator Vianey Ramirez. “This is one pot, but there are other pots to smoke.”

Okay, I’m hoping that this is a hoax again. “Other pots to smoke?” Dunce.

When President Sayegh informed the group that according to the constitution, only $100 could be allocated for equipment, students again expressed their discontent, saying that the senate was not willing enough to help them.

“Don’t try to get all “follow the rules” on us! (See IV.9.(c)) We want money goddamnit! Gimme! And “Fiscal Duty” isn’t even a real word. Quit trying to bullshit us and cut a check, dadd- I mean, chairperson.”

“I definitely don’t think that this is an unwillingness to help,” Sayegh said. “For 28 days, every day, people have been working for you. Everybody on this board goes to class. For the past 28 days, because of this situation, I am not getting my degree.”

Students did not respond well to this, saying that is the senate’s job to be dedicated to their needs.

“We’re not going to discriminate,” Ramirez said. “We treat you like shit. We’re going to treat everybody like shit.”

I’d vote for Ramirez.

After some deliberation, and the decision to make it a closed ballot, the senate voted to allocate $3,025 to Que onda Queers.

And in the end, they caved. Disgraceful.

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