Social security imbalance sheet

This one is good for the Congressional Budget Office quotes. Check this one out:

“Assets set aside to fund future obligations are most likely to be insulated by a system in which ownership and control rest with individuals. In that circumstance, each participant has property rights and legal recourse to guard against the diversion of resources.”
Translation: Congress can’t take your shit if you have it in a private account. If you don’t, all you can do is bend over and take it.
“An approach in which the government invests collectively on behalf of program beneficiaries is less likely to succeed. If the money did not belong to individual participants, future policymakers could find alternative uses for it — to create a new benefit, fund a new program, or perhaps cover a budget gap,”
Translation: Congress always screws up anything involving money. On top of that, if it doesn’t have your name on it, Congress is going to steal that shit and spend it.
“A future Congress, confronted by war, recession, or other urgencies, could spend the invested resources or could run larger budget deficits or smaller surpluses that offset the effect of boosting savings,”
Translation: Congress steals any money they can get their hands on, like crackheads.
“No trust fund, lockbox or other accounting device has yet proved effective in protecting funds that have been set aside for future commitments from the fiscal demands that arise from one Congress to the next.”
Translation: It has always been like that. If you don’t see that, maybe you are a crackhead too.

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