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Race Pimps Argue that Black Criminals Exempt from Law Enforcement

Civil rights group protests shooting

We have criminals pointing guns at police, and we have police shooting these criminals before the criminal can shoot the cop. This is what they are protesting?

Why isn’t this group focusing on getting these criminals out of their neighborhood? Why isn’t this group trying to help the adicts that are fueling the sales? Why aren’t they working to decriminalize drugs if they think that these men don’t deserve to be shot over them?

I should have known that any group where the Black Panthers were involved would be just another bunch of race pimps.

Gun report’s worth at issue

Gun report’s worth at issue

Using government statistics, the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence this month released a list of licensed gun sellers it regards as “the worst players in the gun industry – gun sellers that recklessly operate their businesses and allow criminals to get guns.”

The group cited Southern Police Equipment at 7609 Midlothian Turnpike as the third-worst in the nation.

Okay, so a high number of guns sold at these places are later used in crimes. #3 on the list is a Police Supply house.

A high percentage (I remember it as the majority, but I am not certain) of police killed in the line of duty are killed with thier own weapons. I wonder if those crimes are included in these numbers? That certainly isn’t beyond the Brady Bunch. After, they are the ones who make their own defintion of what an “assault weapon” is regardless of what the law says, and count 20 year old drug dealers murdering each other as “child handgun deaths.”

Revealed Libertarianism

I>Minaret of Freedom tries to square the Quran with the free market. A Reason interview

I thinkthe positive potential far exceeds the negative potential. The problem is not thatthere isn’t a pro-freedom trend in Islam. The problem is that western liberals–and I’m using “liberal” in the European sense–have alienated themselves from their potential Muslim counterparts by abandoning the anti-imperialism that is rightly part of the liberal tradition. When I was at a free market economics conference in Turkey recently, the students never, not once, challenged any of the economic views that were presented by the speakers. But they were turned off by the speakers’ seeming indifference that the tyrants ruling most of the Muslim world were backed by one or more of the Western powers. We are confusing the issue because our actions don’t match up with our words. And from their point of view it’s very hard for themto see beyond whatever’s currently in their faces.


The Smoking Gun 2003 Legal Document of the Year

“God Willing”


Three servicemen had just finished dinner at a restaurant in Kuwait, when they were approached by a group of local women.

“Excuse me, Mister,” one of the younger women said, “My Mother does not speak very good English, but she would like to say thank you for killing Uday and Qusay.”

The men were taken aback both by the uncharacteristically forward nature of these Kuwaiti women, and by the sentiment that was expressed. But they nodded politely and smiled.

The youngest of the three servicemen grinned, and replied, “Tell her Saddam is next!”

She did so, and the older woman smiled, held up her hands, and cried “Inshallah!”

I get weird referrals

I get weird referrals

Letter From The Front

DaGoddess: Letter From The Front

via Acidman

I rarely pass up a letter from the front, but I usually don’t link them. There are just too many. Some of the best are on Sgt. Stryker’s blog (look left) but this one stands out.

The day did pick up when I found that the chow hall was serving porkchops for the third time in 4 days. Normally this would have been cause for complaint, but I truly believe that you should never EVER pass up the opportunity to eat pork in a muslim country. Especially one that you have defeated in battle and are currently occuppying, fuck em…

After finishing my overcooked greasy pork slab, I wandered over to the smoking area to indulge in the only vice still allowed to us here in this hellhole and fired up my customary after dinner stogie. Surveying the lay of the land I noticed two young soon-to-be sergeants talking about what they were going to do when they pinned on their stripes. Faintly amused and slightly curious, I listened in on their conversation, fully expecting that I would have to step in and straighten their young asses out on a thing or three. Much to their credit, my eavesdropping produced nothing but newfound respect for those two young soldiers. They talked of taking care of soldiers and accomplishing the mission. They talked of Duty, Honor and Country. They talked about the things that really matter in a soldiers life, not of the heat, not of recent casualty figures, not of how good they were going to have it now that they were becoming NCO’s. These kids not only read the NCO Creed and The Code of Conduct, they understood them and were doing their best to LIVE them.

Finishing my stogie with a smile, I knew that things were going to be all right. The changing of the guard will go on as it has for centuries and these new centurions will keep the world safe for all decent folk. Humbled by these young warriors I smiled and thought that these past twenty years of blood and sweat were indeed well spent, not squandered. As long as young troopers like these follow in my footsteps, my daughter will be allowed to go to school and learn to read, my wife will be allowed to drive a car, my cousin will be allowed to bad mouth the president and call me a fascist pig, and old glory will still fly over the courthouse.