Bill Would Put Internet Song Swappers in Jail

“Follow the money” — Deep Throat

Internet users who allow others to copy songs from their hard drives could face prison time under legislation introduced by two Democratic lawmakers on Wednesday. The bill is the strongest attempt yet to deter the widespread online song copying that recording companies say has led to a decline in CD sales.

Sponsored by Michigan Rep. John Conyers and California Rep. Howard Berman, the bill would make it easier to slap criminal charges on Internet users who copy music, movies and other copyrighted files over “peer-to-peer” networks.

This one is so easy as to be laughable, but someone needs to note it. Let’s look at Conyers first. What was his #2 contributor by industry in the 2002 elections? TV/Movies/Music, at $49,859, which was just edged out by Lawyers/Law Firms at $50,750. What about Berman? #1 contributor by industry, TV/Movies/Music at $222,791. These two shills are bought and paid for, and should be dismissed out of hand. Unfortunately, that isn’t how Congress works. Write letters to your Congressmen (real letters) and tell them what a load of crap this bill is.

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