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DaGoddess: Letter From The Front

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I rarely pass up a letter from the front, but I usually don’t link them. There are just too many. Some of the best are on Sgt. Stryker’s blog (look left) but this one stands out.

The day did pick up when I found that the chow hall was serving porkchops for the third time in 4 days. Normally this would have been cause for complaint, but I truly believe that you should never EVER pass up the opportunity to eat pork in a muslim country. Especially one that you have defeated in battle and are currently occuppying, fuck em…

After finishing my overcooked greasy pork slab, I wandered over to the smoking area to indulge in the only vice still allowed to us here in this hellhole and fired up my customary after dinner stogie. Surveying the lay of the land I noticed two young soon-to-be sergeants talking about what they were going to do when they pinned on their stripes. Faintly amused and slightly curious, I listened in on their conversation, fully expecting that I would have to step in and straighten their young asses out on a thing or three. Much to their credit, my eavesdropping produced nothing but newfound respect for those two young soldiers. They talked of taking care of soldiers and accomplishing the mission. They talked of Duty, Honor and Country. They talked about the things that really matter in a soldiers life, not of the heat, not of recent casualty figures, not of how good they were going to have it now that they were becoming NCO’s. These kids not only read the NCO Creed and The Code of Conduct, they understood them and were doing their best to LIVE them.

Finishing my stogie with a smile, I knew that things were going to be all right. The changing of the guard will go on as it has for centuries and these new centurions will keep the world safe for all decent folk. Humbled by these young warriors I smiled and thought that these past twenty years of blood and sweat were indeed well spent, not squandered. As long as young troopers like these follow in my footsteps, my daughter will be allowed to go to school and learn to read, my wife will be allowed to drive a car, my cousin will be allowed to bad mouth the president and call me a fascist pig, and old glory will still fly over the courthouse.

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