Michael Moore, Humbug

Michael Moore, Humbug

Okay, so anyone who is hip and cool (which means you, since only hip cool people read my blog) already know that Michael Moore is an Idiot. I still can’t help but marvel at the depth of his idiocy. It is like a train wreck — you have to look.

Let’s begin with his bold-faced lies. In an appearance on Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show” in March 2002, Mr. Moore announced that during the period that planes were grounded for two days after the September 11 attacks, the Bush administration allowed a Saudi jet to whisk away bin Laden family members over FBI objections. As Snopes.com, an Internet site devoted to tracking down urban legends, points out, the planes did pick up bin Laden family members–on Sept. 18 and 19, days after commercial flights had already begun flying again–and they did so only after the FBI had questioned the departing Saudis. At the college talk, I witnessed another stunner, when Mr. Moore announced–without so much as a blip on the polygraph line–that even though the media report that children in intact families are better off, “every study shows that’s a big lie. Children of single mothers do better in life.”

I was going to blog along these lines anyways. Idiotarians are a puzzling lot. I saw a bumper sticker on the way in to work. It said, “America’s Problems Won’t Be Solved In Iraq“. Here is what puzzles me. I can understand someone seeing things this way before and during the shooting war. I don’t agree, but it isn’t something out of the realm of reason.

With the war over now, though, what is the point of this sticker? Does this person want us to just up and abandon Iraq? Are they saying that they would rather Saddam be put back in power? What is the reasoning for keeping with this stance after the fact? The facts are that a murderer has been deposed. The fact is that the Iraqi people have already started to gain a democratic vote. The fact is that huge amounts of terrorist funding have been cut off from Hezbolah and Hamas. The fact is that a lot of Americas problems have been solved in Iraq already, and more are on the way.

Saudi Arabia has lost the carrot they could use to keep us at bay diplomatically. We don’t need their air bases or for them to keep their oil wells running. They have nothing left to hold over our head, and now they are cracking down on terrorists and antagonistic mullahs in their country. Iranian students have an example to point at just across the border that shows that Arabs can handle freedom. Syria sees that Stalanism is no longer viable, and the Ba’ath party is no longer the official state party.

The Michael Moore brand idiotarians don’t like to think about that. They like to stick to the battle they know — even when that battle has long been lost:

In “Downsize This!,” Mr. Moore attempted to elaborate on the theme of the downsized economy where “Roger and Me” left off, but the book’s description of a rust-belt dystopia of pink slips and unemployment checks was out of date long before it hit the bookstores. By 1996, the number of jobs and heft of paychecks in the Midwest had improved markedly. In 1998, the Department of Commerce was writing that “more flexible, market-oriented companies have generated hundreds of thousands of jobs” in Michigan. A 2001 Michigan Economic Development Corp. report noted that with the exception of still-depressed Flint, the state’s metropolitan areas saw an increase in personal income between 1989 and 1998, with income rising more than 20% in places like Ann Arbor and Grand Rapids.

Stuck in the Walter Reuther past, Mr. Moore can make no sense of this. A while back, he was appalled when The Nation asked him to be part of a lecture cruise, “to hold seminars during the day and then dock at Saint Kitts at night!” he hissed derisively, as if it were still the era when plutocrats in tuxedos and women in gowns and diamonds dined on caviar and champagne with the ship’s captain, while workingmen scrimped for a week’s vacation at a dank lake bungalow. He seems not to know that plumbers from Milwaukee and secretaries from Akron fill Caribbean cruise ships these days (though probably not those sponsored by The Nation), and that factory workers often sport two cars–and a boat on a trailer–in their driveways. Our economic system has “got to go,” he told Industry Central, before admitting, “Now don’t ask me what to replace it with because I don’t know.” How convenient. He can dwell in his mythical land of Flint and never face the manifest truth that the system that downsized and restructured with such turmoil ultimately improved living standards for millions, while at the same time absorbing huge numbers of poor immigrants.


  1. Tim says:

    The war is not over, we still have troops there, we are still killing people there, and our tropps are still dieing over there.

  2. Phelps says:


    And they are dying because the war isn’t over. No one claimed that Iraq was the end of it. To complain at this point on that one is like complaining about all the troops that we lost in North Africa during WWII. “Egypt didn’t attack us! Hitler is still alive! Why aren’t we invading Germany!?!”