Referendum in Iran!

That was the chant at the Free Iran demonstration I stumbled upon in Dallas today at about 6 o’clock this evening. I didn’t see any media, but they may have been there earlier and done thier stand-ups. I also didn’t see any police. It was a peaceful protest — I didn’t see any organized traffic blockage, and what did happen was incidental. I see more jaywalking at lunch time than at this demonstration.

I also had my (cheap) digital camera. Dig on the freedom:

That last one is the Kennedy Memorial in Dallas. I’m terrible at estimating crowds, but there were an easy 100 people here, and probably closer to 200. Some of the chants I heard (and were able to understand because they were in American):

Referendum in Iran!
Free Iraq now free Iran!
End the violence in Iran!
Free the prisoners in Iran!

Damn skippy.

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