Revealed Libertarianism

I>Minaret of Freedom tries to square the Quran with the free market. A Reason interview

I thinkthe positive potential far exceeds the negative potential. The problem is not thatthere isn’t a pro-freedom trend in Islam. The problem is that western liberals–and I’m using “liberal” in the European sense–have alienated themselves from their potential Muslim counterparts by abandoning the anti-imperialism that is rightly part of the liberal tradition. When I was at a free market economics conference in Turkey recently, the students never, not once, challenged any of the economic views that were presented by the speakers. But they were turned off by the speakers’ seeming indifference that the tyrants ruling most of the Muslim world were backed by one or more of the Western powers. We are confusing the issue because our actions don’t match up with our words. And from their point of view it’s very hard for themto see beyond whatever’s currently in their faces.


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