U.N.: Nearly 1 Gun for Every American

U.N.: Nearly 1 Gun for Every American

Via USS Clueless

“By any measure the United States is the most armed country in the world,” it said. “With roughly 83 to 96 guns per 100 people, the United States is approaching a statistical level of one gun per person.”

The UN — and Euro-weenies — think this is a bad thing. I say, “nay nay” (to borrow a phrase from John Pinnette.)

This is a basic cultural gap, and I am seeing it more and more. Euro-weenies call Bush a “cowboy”. We say, “Hell yeah!” Euro-weenies lament that we have nearly a gun for everyone in America. We say, “Fucking-A!” Euro-weenies try to find new ways to lock down the internet. We look for new ways to open it up. Europe abolishes the death penalty, and my state puts in an stacks them up so we can rapid fire them.

Like Ron White says, “If you kill someone in my state… we kill you back.”

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