French Math

I saw this article over at Misha’s blog, and I thought about it — France has 8 week mandatory vacations, a 35 hour (max) work week and 11 paid holidays a year. That is:

52 weeks
minus 8 vacation gives 44 weeks
at 35 hours a week gives 1540 hours
minus 88 hours vacation leaves a grand total of
1452 hours a year. Without sick time.

Compare that to what I presume is the average American full-time job:

52 weeks
minus 4 weeks vacation — he’s been there about 10 years — gives 48 weeks
times 40 hours a week (minimum) gives 1920 hours
minus 48 hours for six paid holidays gives
1872 hours a year. That’s 29 percent more work a year.

And that presumes no overtime. None. Suppose he works an average of 45 hours a week, and only has two weeks vacation, since he has only been at this job two years. (I sway between 40 and 90. I get long weeks sometimes.) Now the total is 2202 hours a year. Now we have a 51 percent increase.

Bottom line? The French are lazy bastards by and large who are using guns to drag down the few that aren’t lazy bastards, and I hope they collapse like the fucking USSR for it.

Be glad I didn’t do the Jamaican-American numbers. Hell, at the law firm I work at, at one time associates were expected to bill 225 hours a month. That’s 2700 hours a year, giving an 86 percent increase over the maximum allowed by French law. They aren’t civilized. They are goddamned savages who think that they can lie around and pluck fruit off the trees. Go to work, you lazy pricks.

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  1. Hervé Duray says:

    Wrong calculus.

    It is true that MANY French work little to none (civil servants for instance, they are almost a third of total employment), but the rest often works overtime.

    And many have never seen or heard about the “35h”. I don’t have them. Those who have extra days off usually have to work overtime just like before to have the work done. Sure they have more days off now, but instead of doing 9am-7pm (which is quite low) now they go 9am-8pm, and work a lil’ bit of their weekends etc.

    So whatever the official figures, they just dont take into account what is known as reality.

    If you want to learn more, just ask (I left you my email).