How Idiots Like Uri Avnery Misread History

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Wow. Arab News is like a blogger Larry King, just tossing softballs out for you to smack. I need to start reading them so I can fisk crap like this before LGF shows them to the world. It just loses some magic when everyone has already seen it. Anyway, get a load of this shit:

Sometimes a single sentence is enough to reveal a person’s mental world and intellectual profundity. Such a sentence was uttered by Shaul Mofaz, the minister of defense, some days ago during a visit to the Israeli troops in the Gaza Strip.

“With our enemies, it seems, no shortcuts are possible. Egypt made peace with Israel only after it was defeated in the Yom Kippur War. That will happen with the Palestinians, too.”

This means that there is no political solution. There is only war, and in this war we must “defeat” the Palestinians. A simple, simplistic, not to say primitive, view.

But the revealing sentence is: “Egypt made peace with Israel only after it was defeated in the Yom Kippur War”.


Revealing, because it utterly contradicts the almost unanimous view of all the experts in Israel and around the world — historians, Arabists and military commentators. These believe that the exact opposite is true: Anwar Sadat was able to lead Egypt toward peace only because he was admired as the commander who had defeated Israel in the Yom Kippur War. Only after the Egyptian people had won back their national pride were they able to consider peace with the enemy (with us).

The art of lying: wrap the lie up in the truth. Yes, the Eygptians probably had it portrayed to them as a victory. “Arabists” (usually a synonym for “Holocaust Denyer”) probably think that. The lie is “experts in Israel and around the world”. I can’t imagine any Western expert other than perhaps an intelectual thinking Egypt won, and certainly no Israeli expert.

When the war broke out, the Egyptians did something that amazed the world and shook Israel: They crossed the Suez Canal and overcame the celebrated “Bar-Lev line”. Everybody considered this a brilliant military feat. The stupidity of Israeli Army intelligence and the arrogant complacency of Prime Minister Golda Meir allowed the Egyptians to achieve total surprise, destroy a large number of tanks and pin down the Israeli Air force. Minister of Defense Moshe Dayan was in shock and talked about the “destruction of the third Jewish state”. (In traditional Jewish historiography, the first two Jewish states are symbolized by the first and second temple in Jerusalem.)

Funny. I wanted to vet that quote and the only place I could find that phrase associated with Moshe Dayan was in this article’s reprints. Sounds like an Dowdification at best, and a lie at worst. In any event, the Egyptians didn’t amaze anyone by crossing the Suez. They were pretty much expected to do that since the Israeli Air Force was “pinned down” blowing the hell out of the Egyptian Air Force while it was still sitting on the ground. They did cross the Suez — and enter a world of pain.

The Egyptian people would not have supported peace, if they had considered it a surrender to the diktat of an arrogant enemy. Only the crossing of the canal four years earlier, which Egyptians consider one of the greatest victories in all the 8000 years of their history, enabled them to accept the agreement as a compromise between equals, without loss of honor. Like many other nations, the Egyptians — and all other Arabs — consider national dignity the most important treasure.

Bullshit. They would have accepted whatever Sadat told them to accept, because they prefer to not have electrodes attached to their gentalia, as Arab dictators are wont to do.

If one wants to draw a parallel between the Egyptians and the Palestinians, as Mofaz tries to do, the conclusion would be: Only after the Palestinians win back their national self-respect, will they be able to make peace with Israel. The first intifada, which Palestinians consider a victorious struggle against the immense might of the Israeli Army, allowed them to accept the Oslo agreement. Only the second intifada, which has already proved that the Israeli Army cannot subdue the Palestinian uprising, enabled them to accept the road map, which is supposed to bring about peace between the Israeli and the coming Palestinian state.

I’ve become pretty convinced from what I have seen that the IDF absolutely can defeat the infatada, as soon as they are allowed to. Anything else is denial.


  1. Steven Gold says:

    All I want to say is that why you Isrealis are the only occuption forces in the world now? why you won’t leave Palestinian lands? you are occupying their lands and asking for peace?!! what a mess!
    Why you occupied egyptian lands in 1967? why you killed thousdand of egyptian kids when you destroyed Bahr Elbakar school in 1976? why you killed thousands of lebanon innocents in Sabra and Shatela massacre? why over all your history all you are trying to do is to kill, occupy lands, change facts and play by the media?
    I want one human to answer me! after checking these links

  2. Phelps says:

    1) I am not Israeli.

    2) They are occupying the lands because they won them in the war.

    3) They are not the only occupying army in the world. For example, Syria occupies Lebanon.

    4) As to Eygptian lands, see #2.

    5) “All over history” the Hebrews have been fairly even handed and civil. Arabia, on the other hand, has carried on a long history of invasion and warfare, and indeed formed an entire religeon to support this philosophy of warfare and aggression.

    And I’m not checking your links, since you have failed to make a single point.