Khalil Hamra

I was doing some research on my favorite terror-facilitator when I saw this article in Google: Foreign Press Slams Israeli Restrictions. Interesting, because of the charges against one Mr. Khalil Hamra, and AP photographer:

The Foreign Press Association Monday slammed Israeli authorities for preventing free coverage of the West Bank town of Ramallah, seizing the Reuters news agency offices there, and the continued detention of Palestinian journalists working for some foreign news agencies.
The director of Israel’s Government Press Office, Daniel Seaman, told United Press International the detained journalists are suspected of involvement in terror and therefore have no immunity.

He criticized the FPA, saying their attitude “encourages terror.”


It was referring to two journalists who have been under detention for weeks, Yussri al Jamal of Reuters TV and photographer Ossam Abu Alan of Agence France Press. Khalil Hamra, a photographer from Rafah, Gaza, who occasionally contributes to the Associated Press, has been detained since Friday, the statement added.

“In these cases, and in others that preceded them, the media organizations involved were provided with no indication of the reasons for the arrest beyond the most general of allegations.

As far as Mr. Hamra is concerned, it isn’t really hard to find his links to terrorism. Consider his latest contribution to the AP wire. He has pictures of militants terrorists setting up a bomb on the side of the road.

He went right to the IDF and reported that before a busload of children was blown up, right? Ummmm…

He was on hand when Bulldozer Betty (Rachel Corrie) jumped in front of a bulldozer to snap that, and he was there when Hurdell (another ISM terrorist) was killed by the IDF returning fire. He was there when the two IDF soldiers were lynched and savaged by the crowd in Ramallah. He has been there for countless Hamas and Islamic Jihad parades, yet he has never reported anyone for an act of terrorism they are about to commit?

Sounds like an accomplice to me.

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