Today, in The Rumsfeld Strangler vs. Cyber-Lenin Part II, we get this priceless gem:

Cyber-Lenin’s hands pulsed with red Commie power, and Rumsfeld braced for the deathblow. Somehow he knew he always knew he would go out this way – killed by a cybernetic Communist.

I just couldn’t pass that one up. After this exchange, I might be one of the people demanding that Fearless Leader write a book with this stuff.

“Help me, Laura; they’re going to hurt me!” Bush exclaimed.

Laura rolled her eyes. “I guess I have to do everything.” She sunk into a praying mantis fighting stance, and then sent Daschle flying out of the room with a series of kicks and punches.

“Kill the librarian!” Daschle yelled.

Kerry swung a chain at her, but she caught it and used the leverage to send him flying into Bush’s desk.

“Ah! That injured me!” Kerry yelled, “Just like I could have been injured while I served in Vietnam!”

Hell, I would buy a copy that was mostly just the stuff that is already on his blog. Maybe it should be a graphic novel.

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