Memo from Israel to “Paletstine”

American Digest offers up Israel’s best chance for peace:

As you know from our repeated meetings over many years, we have repeatedly done our best to accommodate your incessant demands regarding employment, compensation, housing allowances, health benefits, and other items of mutual interest as we have endeavored to work together on “Project Peace in the Middle East.”

We have, with your agreement and assurances of a better performance, given you time, money, professional help, medication and a more than reasonable offer of land for you to live in while you work out “your issues.” In the course of these meetings we feel we have been more than forthcoming in our attendance to your “special needs.”

From time to time we have accepted your written word that, given adequate resources, you would be working to resolve “your issues.” We note, for the record, that at no time has your word proven to be worth the paper which we both so ceremoniously signed. Indeed, it has been our bitter experience that the working out of “your issues” most often involves explosive episodes on the streets of our country.

It has come to our attention, through a continuing rain of the body parts of our citizens onto our streets, that “your issues” do not seem to be resolvable through considered and mutually agreeable negotiations. The outcome of these ‘negotiations’ in the recent past seems to us to be one of we give and you take and then you kill us. We have decided that this is not a program that we wish to continue.

Indeed, it would seem to be the case that your “central issue,” although internally generated within your institutions and religion, seems to be the eradication of the state of Israel and the extermination of the Jewish people here and abroad. We mention ‘abroad’ since it would seem to us that your goal is to first create a base that includes the entire state of Israel, kill the Jews within those borders, and then use that land as a base to kill Jews throughout the world. Perhaps we are wrong in this but we find that a people is best known by the company they keep.

We have had a similar experience with this “central issue” as a “final solution” towards the middle of the last century. We discovered, after millions of us had been slaughtered, that mollification, negotiation, and submission was not a successful policy. Indeed, we created the state of Israel around the central concept of ‘Never again.’

Never again.

Never again.

The (so called) Palestinians are the last refugees from Nazi Germany. Their lineage is clear — Arafat to the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem straight to Hitler. We exacted total war to prevent Hitler from doing exactly what the proxies of Syria and Egypt and Saudi Arabia and Iran are doing right now, yet we turn a blind eye to it now.

Never again.These people are evil. Not just the bombers themselves. Not just the bomb-makers. Not just the politicos. The Palestinian identity is evil.


It is a savage society that paints 20 foot murals of Jews being murdered. It is a savage society that puts children in parades holding rifles in front of these brutal murals. It is a savage society that dresses these children in the paraphernalia of child-murdering terrorists.


This is a society of death. This is a society that glorifies destruction, that pisses away all of its potential. How can you expect me to respect your god when your god does not respect his own creation? Every other religion focuses on life and creation — Islam focuses on death and destruction. Christianity and Judaism and Buddhism focus on how someone lives — Islam focuses on how you die. This is a despicable way to live.

Total war. Islam gets the martyr death that it yearns for, and Israel gets to live.

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