Puppy Blending Vampire Assassin

I live in Dallas, so even though it happened before I was born, the Kennedy Assassination is something burned into my psyche by proximity. I know a lot of the stories of that day, and one of the more interesting ones is the story about the three “well dressed bums” that were arrested and then mysteriously released, with no record of the arrests surviving.

A lot of people think that these bums are connected to the assassination, as the rail yard is at the top of the infamous “grassy knoll” in Dealey Plaza that many believe that the real assassin shot from. When I thought about that today, I felt a little tickle at the back of my mind… and I looked up the picture. What did I see?


Take a good, hard look at the third bum, furthest to the left. I am certain that this is non other than the Puppy-Blender himself! Take a look at the closeup!


There is no doubt that this is the hated spawn of Satan. However, even I am cautious about throwing around accusations of presidential assassination. It is then that I realized why they were released. The police knew that they didn’t assassinate Kennedy, because they knew the real reason they were in that rail yard amongst the bums — they were a hobo smiting cabal. Conspiracies within conspiracies, my friends.

Think about the implications. We learn two things from this evidence: first, White Glenn is not only a hobo smiter, he is indeed a member of an entire hobo smiting secret society, and two, he has not aged a day since 1963. That means that he is a vampire, or some other form of immortal occult monster. This would explain his insatiable lust for puppy blood. We are at the cusp of uncovering a murderous plot with worldwide implications, my fellow countrymen. Join us now, before it is too late!


  1. Anonymous says:


    The Everlasting Phelps has pictorial proof that the Evil White Hobo Killing Puppy Blender Glenn is a Vampire!!!!! (I knew it!)

  2. Susie says:

    Good one! ( I KNOW he is a vampire–I have a movie to prove it!).

  3. Harvey says:

    Yes… yes… it all fits. It’s so obvious once you say it. Excellent work!

  4. hln says:

    Great pic – what a riot!


  5. Dont worry about it says:

    its possible, but give me proof before you make accusations.