Say it ain’t so!

I was really happy to see that the Fat Guy getting another mention in a big paper, but when I read the writeup on his Luxury camping I’m having to re-think everything I feel about this man.

Sure the tents are there but now it’s canvas safari style, outfitted with electricity, with foyer and a sitting area as well as a bedroom large enough to hold a queen size bed. Outside, there’s a charcoal grill and an ice-filled cooler packed with whatever you told them you wanted when you made the reservation.

That’s right. Charcoal. I am disgusted. This is supposed to be luxury?

I remember when my family cooked with charcoal. We were poor. We couldn’t do any better. No sirloin for us; we were grilling hot dogs and hamburgers. But I’ll tell you what — as soon as we get into a little more money, we kept the hamburger and got propane. We’re doing better now; it is sirloin every week on Saturday now. But you can bet your ass that it is on propane, the way God intended for man to cook.

Charcoal. And to think that I almost went and sprung for this. I think if I do I’ll just bring my George Foreman Grill and cook on electric.

Charcoal. In Texas.

One Comment

  1. It’s Matchlight charcoal, if that makes it any more luxurious. And you get a 2-burner propane Coleman for frying your bologna.