The DNC Death Spiral

I don’t think it is necessarily a “death spiral”, because I think that the party has too much momentum to just die out in a few years, but what do you have to bring you here besides punchy titles? Besides, parties have died out that quickly — the Whigs went from the oval office in 1848 to nothing in 1858.

Back on topic — the news is that California Dems Might Use Retaliatory Recall according to everyone’s favorite moon-bat, Willie Brown.

“If it works for Republicans, all you’ve got to do is raise enough money,” Brown told ABCNEWS. “I have enough money to have it work for Democrats. And believe me, I think the Democrats will do it.”

It won’t work. If anything, it will make people even more wary of the Dems, because it is blatantly partisan. Americans have always wanted at least the illusion of non-partisanship, all the way back to Washington’s warning against factionalism.

What the recall in California comes down to is Gray Davis fucked up. There is no polite way to put it. Raising taxes within a month of getting elected on “no new taxes” was a monumentally idiotic move, and he is going to pay the price for it. It is a mistake that he should have seen coming, because the Dems did a real good job of pounding the “Read My Lips” line, and Bush 41 at least waited a couple of years.

I think that the GOP can pull a slam dunk out in the 2004 cycle. Here’s how it works:

  1. Recall in California, and wait for the Dems to do something stupid and partisan in return (with the open-mic slip up as fuel for the recall)
  2. Ensure that the Dems nominate a far-left candidate like Dean
  3. Sit on the WMD info until July or so, when the Dems are completely committed to the “No WMD in Iraq” line
  4. Pound on the Dem filibusters on judicial appointees

I really think that the GOP can pound the hell out the Dems in 2004 with that plan unless the DNC makes a hard, tire-screeching turn right this second.

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