The Iraqi Press

MEMRI has a compilation of several Iraqi newspaper articles. It is interesting reading.

An editorial by the editor-in-chief of the independent weekly Al-‘Ahd Al-Jadeed (The New Era) welcomed the death of Saddam’s sons: “Yesterday, the Iraqis happily welcomed the death of the greatest symbols of evil, of torment and degradation of the Iraqi people… [v]ery few nations in the world suffered such humiliation [as Iraqis suffered] and abuse from those who, regretfully, died at the hands of the occupiers, while the Iraqi people were unable to stand face to face with those murderers and exact revenge from those savage executioners who engaged in abnormal terror against the whole nation, the army, a woman, a young woman, a young man, teenagers, innocent old men, and mothers who had tears on their cheeks during years of torture. Unfortunately there was no opportunity for millions of people to settle the accounts with the sons of Saddam Hussein who terrified the people and who practiced all kinds of savage torture against the weakest of Allah’s creations… Despite all the rejoicing, we cannot help admitting that we wish we could have settled the accounts with Saddam’s sons. This is the wish of every Iraqi.”

How do they see us?

Al-Ittihad ( National Union of Kurdistan ) wrote under the above title: “…Ambassador Paul Bremer was in the capital of his country during the killing of the two sons and returned to our country with broad powers. Wisdom suggests that these powers should be handed over to the Governing Council.”

“The Iraqis want sovereignty, bread and freedom – the Holy Trinity for survival and construction. Those who liberated us from dictatorship are truly our allies and the Iraqis do not and will not forget their kindness.”

“The Iraqi will and the Iraqi laws [minus the laws of the despot] are those which the Iraqi personality absorbs, not the laws of the United States or Europe .”

“The Chinese say ‘the greater the number of laws, the greater are the number of thieves,’ but the Russians say that the guest is gold, then silver, then tin.”

“When the Americans arrest a thief or a murderer, they tie his wrist and then read him his civil rights, such as the right to remain silent and to have a lawyer, and finally they have abolished the death sentence. All of it helps him to escape justice and return to crime.”

I wonder if it would make us look better in his eyes if he knew that we do have a Federal Death penalty, and that states like Texas are ramping up for even more executions.

Ayatollah Ali Al-Husseini Al-Sistani, one of the key clerics in Najaf, issued a Fatwa (religious edict) forbidding the use of stolen government vehicles to transport people to visit the holy shrines in Najaf and Karbala.

You know, I think that the government cars should be put to some sort of good use.

The Governor of Iraq’s central bank, Faleh Daoud Salman, said the U.S. government will support the creation of a free trade zone between Iraq, Turkey and the “Zionist entity.” This will be accomplished in two stages – the first stage would be to link the free trade zone through a preferential trade agreement with the U.S. In the second stage the U.S. will spend $5-8 billion to achieve the best intelligence in countries which may wish to join the agreement.


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